Here are some thoughts from past customers.  We love to receive feedback about how we are doing.  

  •  5-Star rating of a quality mattress

    I have purchased three mattresses from this company. The first two were for an unusual size bunk bed; this was some years ago, and the mattresses are still in use by my grandsons. There has been no sagging or shifting of the filling, and the mattresses are still in excellent shape, both the inside and the covering. The third mattress was a queen-size mattress for a fancy wall bed in our guest room. Every guest has commented on the comfort of the bed. 

    As I recall, the prices of the bedding was comparable to a store-bought mattress, but the old saying that quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten certainly holds true in this case. The people were easy to work with - they answered questions, volunteered information and delivered a truly quality product.

     by Gwen in Franklin, PA

  • We have had our set from Classic Bedding for almost 16 years. It truly is like new, and is very, very comfortable. Classic Bedding also custom made a mattress for a family cradle that is over 100 years old. So my grandchildren were able to use this, and I'm sure that great grandchildren will too.

     by Marlene in Saegertown, PA

  • We love our Classic Bedding bed! Thank you for many years of good sleep : )               

     by Kathleen from Linesville

  • You can't get a better mattress anywhere!  

     by Linda from Pittsburgh