Helpful Hints

A Good Impression

It is common for people to sleep in the same position every night.  Over time, plush premium quality mattresses conform to the sleeper’s body contours, creating an area known as a “body impression”.  This area is not a structural defect.  In high quality mattresses, it is normal to find this area of comfort.  The impression can eventually go past the top layer of cushion, however, which can become a problem.

To make sure the “body impression” does not become a problem, it is important that you turn your bedding regularly.  

  • Turn the mattress end-to-end and side-to-side every month for the first six months.

  • After that, turn the mattress at each change of season.

  • Every 6 months, turn your box spring end to end.


Proper Support

Don’t underestimate the importance of a quality box spring and bed frame.  When mattresses sag, it is usually due to placing a new mattress on an old, worn out box spring and/or an inadequate bed frame.  To avoid this problem, bedding should always be purchased in sets.  Purchasing a mattress and box spring together will give the best possible longevity and comfort.  The bed frame for your new mattress set should have proper center support, especially for Queen and King size sets.


Do’s and Don’ts


  • Vacuum and clean under your bed regularly.

  • Use the correct size mattress pad.

  • Enjoy your new bedding.  People spend approximately 1/3 of their lives in bed, so you should make sure you will be as comfortable as possible.  Investing in high quality bedding will be well worth the rewards.


  • Bend the mattress to fit it through a doorway.  NEVER bend the mattress.

  • Allow children to jump on the bedding.

  • Let the bedding get wet.  If it accidentally becomes wet, dry it immediately with a towel.

  • Bend the mattress corners to put on fitted sheets.